Saturday, May 9, 2009

Junk Wax and the Garage Sale

My blogging has been sporadic this week has I have been helping my wife prep for a garage sale. Let me tell you, it's way too much like work.

I took the opportunity to unload some accumulated junk wax. (Yes I didn't actually burn it all.) Search the blog for " Junk Wax" for a How To video. Anyway I set out a few 5000 count boxes organized by sport and put a sign $.5c a piece or 100 for $3 and 200 for $5. I also had about 150 cards in top loaders that were star cards and some rookies from the '90's and marked them $1 each.

Some guy came up with the whole stack of top loaders and asked me if I would cut him a deal. He got 178 for $35. At a quarter a piece for cards that would have been used as wall insulation in my next How To video, I think it was definetly a win-win.

Oh, gotta go more people.


onemorepack said...

Wow I need to sell to him!

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