Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Reasons Jake Peavy Should Accept the Trade to Chicago

According to numerous sources, San Diego Padre's ace, Jake Peavy appears headed to the White Sox, pending Peavy's waiving of his No Trade clause.

In case Jake needs any additional reasons to play for a team committed to winning I offer the following;

1) Best pizza in the country. Thin crust, deep-dish, stuffed, you name it.
2) Best steakhouses in the country. Period.
3) US Cellular Field is beautiful.
4) Chicago in the summer-time is truly magificent
5) Oak Street and North Avenue Beaches
6) Monroe Harbor
7) Ozzie Guillen is funny. You never know what he is going to do next.
8) Grant Park- Music and food festivals all summer
9) Chicago Blues Scene


Steve Gierman said...

All great reasons to sway Peavy, except for the camo part. The Sox wore camo last July 4th, when Buehrle pitched. It was a disaster of a game, but the camo may return this Fourth of July.

Mike said...

Dear VOTC,

I love your blog, great stuff.

I have been quite vocal (and so have others) over at the SCD web site, posting lots of comments over at TS O'Connell's Infield Dirt blog.

Myself and many others are very upset how SCD lets Coach's Corner advertise their auctions. The Coach's Corner auctions are poor-quality autographed forgeries - most lots sell for 10% of what other auction houses get for similar merchandise. Coach's Corner continues to have extraordinary finds each month such as Ty Cobb autographed Jerseys, Gehrig Bats, Ruth balls, etc. The items are always authenticated by this guy Morales, never PSA or JSA.

It is tragic for our industry that Coach's corner is allowed to sell this trash and SCD, once the voice of the industry sits by and accepts their advertising dollars. When we write comments on the blogs about this, TS O'Connell just deletes the comments.

We have become so outraged at this situation that I have put a blog on my web site to allow our voices to be heard. Tom Tresh who does excellent video blogging on this matter had pledged to let collectors know about my blog. I am hoping you can do the same.

To learn more about the Coach's corner problems and our problems with SCD please visit Tom's blog at:

So, VOTC, if you could please tell your readers about my blog, I would be grateful. It's located at



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