Monday, May 25, 2009

The Sad State of the Hobby- Autographs

Recent dialogue on the blogsphere pertaining to Sports Collectors Digest's, T.S. O'Connell and their "cash cow", Coaches Corner Auctions has really got me pissed. Forget the fact that T.S. O'Connell has soldout his integrity as a journalist to become nothing more than an empty talking head of a once respected Hobby publication, and the corruption that exists between SCD, CCA, and STAT (CCA'S authentication company). If the allegations from the below blog are true, they are blatantantly criminal at worst and completely dishonest at least.

I knew CCA had questionable credentials but I didn't realize to the degree until I read the following piece at
Frozen Pond . For starters, check out this quote; "Just to deepen the conspiracy theory a little, STAT Authentic is run by a gentleman named Ted Taylor who has been involved with SCD as a friend and writer for over 30 years. Taylor apparently also works for Coach’s Corner as their head of Public Relations, and is quoted in a testimonial on their website as saying they are his “number one choice for buying and consigning”.

CCA is FLOODING the market with obvious forgeries and no one is doing anything about it. What's worse, is Sports Collector's Digest is complict in this travesty and what makes me sick is that instead of protecting collector's interest, they have chosen to use their voice in the hobby to defraud the collecting public.

This all started when Mike The Ring Guy, got into a heated debate with T.S. O'Connell on his blog, causing Mike to start his own. Then T.S. O'Connell has the AUDACITY to tell Mike to "leave the blogging to him". The back and forth comments are

In addition, a gentleman has created a series of videos over the last several months, detailing some specific items found on CCA's website that are obvious forgeries. They can be found here on YouTube.

With the amount of material being dumped into the market, who can you really trust and what can be done about this?


Mike The Ring Guy said...

Thanks again for your help. I refuse to let these people destroy our hobby. TS thinks he is so smart and smarter than all of us (read the posts). I will do whatever it takes to inform the collecting community about SCD and their dealings with Coach's corner.

Mike The Ring Guy said...

Some of us (me included) worry that people are getting ripped off by purchasing Coach's Corner's worthless garbage. It would not surprise me if some unscrupulous individuals are purposely purchasing this junk to resell it to unsuspecting consumers. All the more reason we need individuals and the government to step up and help in our fight.

SCD is doing their part through pure greed to help these monsters hurt our hobby. Could you image five years ago that we would be where we are today: SCD in shambles, most of their advertisers and readers long gone, and in one final stab at staying afloat, they now decide to compete with their own auction advertisers by getting involved in the auction business. I'm curious to know who will be their authenticator? Morales? Will SCD also auction off rare Mike King Kelly autographs in their upcoming auction?

PAAuctionGuy said...

Please note that "CCA" above does NOT refer to Collectible Classics Auctions, which currently is conducting CCA27. All Collectible Classics sports autographs are authenticated by Kevin Keating. Collectible Classics is committed to selling only good autographs. Our policy is: "If there is any doubt, throw it (the autograph) out."

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