Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Time For a New Pre-War Era Set?

1909 Ramly T204. Over the last several years we have seen remakes of some legendary Pre War cards including Allen & Ginter, T206, T205, Cracker Jack, Goudey, inserts of B-18 Felts, and probably a couple I am forgetting.

Question: Would you want to see a new release in baseball, with this design?


Steve Gierman said...

I could enjoy something like that. Topps already produced a few cards with that design for insert sets within the last few years.

beardy said...

Hell yeah I would, but only if they do it portrait style, like the originals.

Ben said...

I'd buy that, especially if they used black and white or sepia toned photography.

I love Allen & Ginter and I hope Topps keeps it up, but I think Upper Deck has killed Goudey with this year's release.

dayf said...

Short answer: yes.
Long answer: HELL yes.

Donruss did an insert set with this design in Donruss Kings baseball and football a few years ago. They used the original mini size and unlike Topps, used gold foil to mimic the originals. The cards look absolutely gorgeous.

I think Upper Deck either knows they killed Goudey or killed it off on purpose. Luckily they have Goodwin Champions coming up to pick up the retro market.

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