Friday, May 22, 2009

T.S.O'Connell The Hobby Has Passed You By

T.S. O'Connell, journalist for Sports Collectors Digest has turned off the comments on his blog.

His reasoning is noted here in his most recent post which is titled, "Online Commentary System Is Deeply Flawed ... ". Please go read this and come back to finish reading this post and comment.

An old school reporter who has produced some great work over the years has repeatedly failed to embrace the new mediums available to The Industry and instead has used his blog as just another editorial venue when in fact, blogs are all about ENGAGEMENT. In his own words, "I have never responded to any of the comments in any fashion. Not once." (The bold is his not mine). Exactly T.S., instead of face the music of criticsim regarding advertiser conflicts of interest, answering legitimate questions regarding your beloved Bill Mastro, you have hid behind a wall that has been long removed thanks to the Internet.

I am disgusted that you, representing a publication that, at times, still provides credible hobby editorial and journalism has failed to engage your audience, instead choosing to piously silence your critics by removing their VOICE.

Go collect your precious '54 Topps and stop pretending to "be involved" in The Hobby that has clearly and sadly passed you by.

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Gellman said...

Speaking of comments, odd how those have gone the way of the dodo on Beckett with everyone's favorite nerd love connection correspondent Chris Olds.

Mike The Ring Guy said...

Thank you so much for allowing me and my blog the opprotunity to be heard. It is a shame that this once proud publication is now a shell of what it once was. There is little if any integrety at SCD.

James said...

Well put - I linked back to your article (you beat me to it)!

It's not a blog if you don't accept and read the comments.

Josh Gibson Still Signs! said...

Fun/sad SCD entry from the urban dictionary...

Come on, SCD, stand up for collectors who are getting ripped off!

Mark Aubrey said...

Shouldn't there be a switch somewhere for moderated comments?

It leaves other readers not directly involved in this turf tiff without a relevant forum.

Sure, I could blog my thoughts on what TS or anyone else has to say, but have my words somewhat in close proximity to the original post makes sense to me.

Mike the ring guy said...

Thanks for your help with mentioning my blog. TS showed up this morning and left quite a comment. Please check it out and please feel free to join in. starting a blog is difficult, it's hard to achieve critical mass for success. please help. ts's comments can be found at


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