Thursday, May 14, 2009

When Bad Redemptions Go Good

Devin Harris does not sign his stickers. Thank you!!!!

The week of March 20th I reviewed and did a Video Highlights of Topps Murad box break. The box produced a Devin Harris Framed Mini Autograph redemption card. While Devin Harris is an excellent player and I know that the framed bordered mini's are serial numbered in very low quantities, I was thrilled by the pull or upset that it was a redemption.

Today, less than two months later, I find this in my mailbox:

A nice letter from Topps Customer Service department, stating, that for reasons beyond their control, they will not be able to redeem the pulled card.

Instead they sent this:

A Topps Signature of HOF'er Isiah Thomas serial numbered to /999. (Excuse the poor crop.)

AND this:

AND this:

AND this:

Now that is what I call customer service!! Thank you Topps.
What I found interesting was that they hardly waited 2 months to decide they were never going to be able to redeem those cards. Why make them part of the set in the first place?
I must say I am pleasantly suprised. So sometimes un-redeemed cards end up in your favor.


dayf said...

Wow, that's a nice haul there! You probably benefited from the fact that they lost their NBA license and they're blowing everything NBA related out. The one time I got a replacement from Topps on a redemption (Eddie Belfour game used stick card) I got an auto, a jersey and a pack of Stadium club.

Ross said...

I think Joe Collector had a similar thing happen.

Captain Canuck said...

yeah, Topps is blowing out their inventory of unused stickers before the whole Donini thing happens and they get stuck with 'em. topps never even tried to get the planned redemptions filled.
and yes, I am Joe Collector got two Spud Webbs, an Isiah, and three packs as well.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

I certainly don't care about the reasons why. In all honsety I would have been happy with just the Isiah AU

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