Thursday, June 11, 2009

2009 Bowman Draft Picks Football REVIEW

Bowman Draft Picks Football debuts with an affordable way to amass a collection of rookies from this year’s draft. In year’s past this product was simply called Bowman but with the growing hype of the NFL Draft and their competitors using it in their early release product titles, Topps apparently decided to add the “Draft Picks” moniker, and deciding to drop Topps Draft Picks & Prospects. Typically speaking, BDP type products from other sports have come with 1 autographed rookie or prospect card per box. Topps added a little something extra for collectors this year and aficionados of manufactured letter patches will be happy to know that in addition to a hard signed Autographed Rookie Card, each box of Bowman Draft Picks will deliver one hard signed RC Letter Patch.

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