Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beckett (Sucks) Pisses on the First Amendment


(You have been warned)

Fucking A!!! Shit, fuck, mother-fucker, cock sucking, jag-bag, dim wits with shit for brains.

The repulsive pukes at Beckett Media, now owned by Eli Research, have decided to threaten legal action against the folks at
Boycott Beckett. it's bad enough they have laid off talented hard-working Americans (a lot of companies have) but these jobs weren't eliminated they were simply relocated to fucking INDIA in the name of the almighty fucking dollar. Choke on it you mother-fucker. Greg Lindberg you are a cock sucking, soul-less human being that should simply crawl back under the fat taint of whoever you have been hiding.

So a disgruntled employee, aware of the cock sucking and handjobs that take place between the like of Chris Olds, Tracy Hackler and the rest of the fucking remaining carcasses wasting air and valuable natural resources, has taken his VOICE to the blogsphere.

trade secrets, having "millions of dollars in the bank" and being a genuine hairy asshole licking son-of-a-bitch, allows you to say "Fuck You" to the freedom of speech guaranteed by the US Constitution's Bill of Rights. However, it's understandable that you may not know this because apparently, while enjoying the freedom this country provides to allow your disgrace for a company to be "be cash flow positive", in your globalist belief system have managed to further burden the US economy by in your small way contributing to the problem of globalization and continued US employment downsizing.

You publish a FUCKING magazine for goodness sake!! A shitty, antiquated, non-entertaining one at that. What gives you the right to threaten people who justifiably use their VOICE. Greg Lindberg of Eli Reseach, parent company to Beckett Sucks Media is officially the hobby Anti-Christ.

People sometimes email me asking, "What is your beef with Beckett?"

How's this for starters?

Thanks to Gellman at SCU


Anonymous said...

We can only hope that Beckett finally goes the way of the dodo. Sooner rather than later, preferably.

beardy said...

Love the large font.

Motherscratcher said...

Why don't you tell us what you really think. There's no reason to hold back.

Motherscratcher said...

You should have ended it with:

Hallelujah! Holy Shit!

Where's the tylenol?

Motherscratcher said...

By the way, it might not be clear from my comments but I love this post.

I'll shut up now.

stusigpi said...

Whenever you can end a rant Clark W Griswold style, it's a good day.

For the life of me, I can't figure out these "trade secrets" that the guy was yammering about.

As a lawyer, I love it when people threaten legal action. I then ask people what their claims are and how they intend to prove damages. Yeah, usually not much of a response.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

Stusigpi- the fact that they would stoop to such childish "I'm gonna tell my Mom" legal threats indicates just how threatened by the REAL hobby media that they are. I read Gellman's post and then the letter at Boycott and I swear I was foaming at the mouth. Of all the arrogant, ego-maniacle . . . I have to stop my duaghter just asked me why my eye is twitching

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