Thursday, June 11, 2009

Legendary Cuts Yields A Lot More Than Cut Sigs

Guest Review: Russ Cohen
2009 SP Legendary Cuts has a picture of Ted Williams and Derek Jeter on the packaging so already the expectation level is pretty high. Cut sigs are very rare and to be honest so are the hard signed autos as well. Lets see what I walked away with. I got five memorabilia cards. One of them is very rare. The Joe Mauer, “20th Anniversary Retrospective” dual color piece is a one per case hit! It’s a great looking card so that’s a nice score. Mauer is one of the top two or three backstops in the game today!


Anonymous said...

...must... have... Mauer...

Did that make me sound obsessed or fabulous? ...maybe even a little fabsessed?

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