Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Look whose bigtime. Nice Job Gellman!

So I get my Tuff Stuff Direct eNewlster and see in the reading pane something that nearly made me throw-up in my mouth:

I mean WTF, the company that has been complicit in allowing 1000's of fraudulent autographs into the market by providing Coaches Corner an audience and thus adding their own degree of respectability via psuedo endoresment, is now a watchdog for fake sigs?!?!?! B.S. Screw that!!

So I click on the link, looking for a byline because we all know where this Peterson expose came from, and there it is:

Congrats G-Man!


Wax Heaven said...

The link does not work. All I get is Tuff Stuff's annoying pop up.

Gellman said...

change your link

Its this now:

Here is the article - still fucked up

Anonymous said...

Thats some funny shit right there-you are truly a hypocrite Gellman

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