Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ok You Decide- Should the video stay or go.

Two of the people I respect most in the blogsphere (Mario at WaxHeaven and Adam at SportsCardsUncensored) have differing opinions on the video I posted regarding fraudulent sticker autographs. I would never do anything to intentionally hurt our hobby, so you decide. My readership isn't anything close to theirs, so for a community opinion, please promote this poll on your site. Thanks.


Andrew Harner said...

I think you should heed Mario's suggestion and privately send this video to the companies.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

Yes, you've made your opinion known. How about we let the collecting COMMUNITY decide.

Gellman said...

Really, do you think we really reach THAT many people? Leave it up.

People are such alarmists. Plus, if you think sending the video to the companies will help, you are the idiot, not us per your last comment.

Its not your responsibility to play card police, I would rather add 1000 people to the informed than let the people operate without remorse. Right now there are like 10 sellers who are perpetrators, if we add two by having this video, its a trade I am willing to make in order to inform thousands.

night owl said...

I have no problem with this. We're not talking about how to make a bomb here. It's a sticker autograph.

Shedding light on something like this, if for the greater good, is OK by me.

Motherscratcher said...

This is not brain surgery. How to do this is pretty common sense if it is something you were thinking about.

If a person wants to perpetrate this scam I highly doubt that they were sitting in their lab with butane torches, screw drivers, and circular saws trying to come up with the magic combination. No, anyone who wants to do this or is doing this already knew how.

This is only demonstrating to us bloggers that this is being done and it is , in fact, very easy. There is no reason to take it down. It is not in any way informing the scammers of a new technique.

Sooz said...

I'm with the "Leave it Up" camp. You are not the problem here and people who want to do these types of things are going to find a way to do it.

You're not at fault because there are people out there who are doing these types of things.

Todd Uncommon said...

As long as it's done with the right attitude, why not play Hobby Cop once in a while, as long as it's in in the interests of doing what's right?

Mario's memo leak is another example of doing something that's hard and carries some risk of secondary action, in the interests of doing the right thing.

I'm no conspiracy weirdo, but it's not like the card companies, auction houses, grading mills or traditional hobby press can be reliably or blindly trusted these days with doing what's right, despite their assertions or protests.

After all, Upper Deck was created to make a counterfeit-proof card by the standards of the 1980s, yet ended up torpedoing their own credibility not long after, and several other times since then.

What the Hobby Rule of Accumulation #1?

Buyer beware. No exceptions.

Andrew Harner said...
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Andrew Harner said...

That's the thing Gellman. You informed well before this video surfaced. You can inform without showing how it's done. Plus sending it to companies does make me and Mario and anyone else who thinks he should an idiot.

The most important thing I can is this: I am all for informing people of this scan by showing the real card against the fake, but to show how it's done is not doing the hobby a favor.

I understand there aren't going to millions or probably even thousands viewing this video, but even if two more people begin this practice because of this video, you let down the hobby.

All of Gellman's comparison posts are perfect examples of informing the community as a whole. I say keep that up.

Anonymous said...

Rob, keep up the video, i think its important for people to realize just how easy it is to do this. Now can you do one on how easy it is to fake a patch?

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