Thursday, June 18, 2009

SCD and Coaches Corner Part Ways!!!

Eat it O'Connell!! The power of the blogsphere proves once again who and where the real voice of the hobby comes from. Thanks to this breaking news to the blogsphere by Mike at Cardboard Connection and originally reported by the New York Daily News.

This is one of the reasons I love Twitter. Follow Cardboard Connection @sportscards .


Wax Heaven said...

This is crazy. Good job to all those who reported it.

Mike The Ring Guy said...

rumors have been circulating that the folks at CC are claiming that they left SCD and they were not kicked out.

CC will say anything to try to save face. Please visit my blog for this story and my commentary. I can really need help to keep the blog going. Let's spread the word how bad cc is.

please check out the story at


Mike The Ring Guy.

also, if you poke around at the other stories and comments you can see how CC is threatning me, Tom at youtube and others who have made comments.


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