Friday, July 31, 2009

Review- Don't Overlook UD MLB Icons

Guest Review: Jon Waldman

Sometimes sets come out that really don’t require much of a review, because the hit count speaks for itself.

This is the case with MLB Icons, which, with two Lettermen, two jerseys and one auto averaged out in a 10-pack box, you have a 1:2 chance of getting a money card. Add to that the high propensity to get a numbered rookie (1 in our packs), a low-numbered parallel (we got 3) or another numbered card (1 here for us) and you’ve got the recipe for a strong box break.

I say this not to sluff off my review, because I really did enjoy breaking open my 10 pack sample. Instead, I lead off with this because it’s rare to get essentially a hit in every pack for a $10-$15/pack product.

Read the rest . . .

Safely in Ohio- Plans for the National

Traveling by car with 2 kids under 3 is always a challenge. After a 9 hour drive that would normally take my wife 6 and a half we safely arrived at my inlaws near Canton.

I'll be providing a live Tweetcast from the National tomorrow and uploading pictures to Twitpic in real-time to bring those who can't attend an experience like never before. What I see, you'll see.

The initial buzz on blogs, boards, Twitter, and other news feeds seems to be centered on the new Sportkings and Razor, both of which are providing early looks at upcoming products. To me this clearly indicates that collectors are starved for new product, new designs, new ideas, and new creativity.

Our interview with Dr Brian Price earlier this week resulted in a scoop about their upcoming boxing release which looks awesome!!

Stay tuned tomorrow and be sure to follow the Tweetcast at or follow me @VOTC. Full image galleries, video, and articles will be posted in the days following for those of you who are anti-Twitter.

Untill tomorrow . . . Happy Collecting!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Podcast- Dr Brian Price Interview and Sportkings On-Air Break

Just use the player on the sidebar.
See the pulls here

Did any of you fellow bloggers receive this email from Tri-Star?

I didn't but found it elsewhere online (not Beckett Sucks).

"As many of you already know, the 30th Annual National Sports Collectors Convention is quickly approaching. Every year is special to us at TRISTAR because we like to bring you, as well as fans across the globe, the best autograph guest line-up every year. But, this show is particularly eventful for us, as we are debuting a new product on August 25th, TRISTAR Obak. This set commemorates the 100th anniversary of the 1909 Obak Minor League Baseball cards, as we pay homage to both the stars of yesterday and today.

But as a very important part of the baseball card industry, you will not have to wait until August 25 to see a special version of the set. TRISTAR would like to offer you some special National Obak promo cards that will be only available during the show to you. In addition to this, we have a special autograph card or numbered TRISTAR card from our other products to extend as well. To redeem your Obak promo cards and TRISTAR autograph/numbered card, you simply need to bring this e-mail to the TRISTAR Booth near the autograph pavilion and tell us your name and blog/publication that you are with.

We are really looking forward to the biggest National Sports Collectors Convention that the industry has ever seen, and I truly hope to have the chance to talk you at our TRISTAR Booth (in the Autograph Pavilion) just to make sure we are doing everything we can to make your lives a little easier and provide you with products that you can be excited about. See you in Cleveland."

Stay tuned for a podcast interview with Dr. Brian Price and an on-air box break of Sportkings Series C!!

Steroids a Greater Offense than Dog Fighting?

An ongoing survey of readers of Tuff Stuff the online portal for Sports Collector's Monthly, shows, in my opinion, some disturbing priorities.

First, killing someone with your car should be getting 100% of the vote and the fact that it isn't is obviously indicitive of our country being desensitized to violence and the de-valuing of human life. But that's a storyfor another day on another blog. What caught my eye is that more people believe that being caught using steroids is more disturbing than the sick and sadistic activity of dog fighting.

I have repeatedly said that people who casually pass dog fighting off as simply something unsettling have never really seen the results of this horrific activity.

Do a Google (or Bing) image search for dog fighting . . . go ahead . . . I'll wait.

Now tell me getting busted cheating in a game is worse than that?

What's wrong with people?

Upcoming Donini Releases

Complete details including pack-out configuration, pricing, product highlights, set breakdown and images.

Video Box Break Highlights- 2009 Upper Deck Philadelphia Football FIRST LOOK!!

2009-10 SP Signature Edition Football Preview and Image Gallery

2009 SP Signature Edition Football makes its brand return for the first time since 2003 and delivers even more bang for the buck! Every box will have a multi-signed card or two individual autographs! Look for unique autograph inserts like Signs of the Super Bowl, pairing two players from the same game!

Regular Set: Regular Cards (200)Signature Rookies (60)
Top Inserts: Signs of the Super Bowl (Varied #)

Signature MVPs (Varied #)
Signature ROYs (Varied #)
Signature Eight (Varied #)
Draft Years (Varied #)
Rivalries (Varied #)

Box Break: (on average)
One (1) Multi-Signed card OR Two (2) Individual Autographs in every Box!
All Multi-Signed Cards are foil numbered!

Case Break: (on average)Five (5) Triple, Quad, Six, and Eight Signatures per case!

Configuration:4 cards per pack1 pack per box

Product Arrival Date: November

EXCLUSIVE First Look!!- 2009 UD Philadelphia Football Video Box Break Highlights

Debuting at this year's National in Cleveland, on August 4th, Philadelphia Football goes live. Upper Deck delivers another in a long line of retro themed products this year. Get all the product details and see the video box break highlights only at Card Corner Club.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hall of Fame Weekend and a Cardboard Crime

A rather quiet Hall of Fame weekend unfolded inducting among others Jim Rice and Rickey Henderson. Jim Rice, the media antagonist, paid for it by repeatedly being snubbed by voters over the years, and Rickey, well he'd be the first to tell you his induction was a no brainer. A quick look at their rookie cards and career numbers.
First, a cardboard crime in, Jim Rice's 1975 Topps shared RC.

I'm glad the market has moved away from Group or Shared RC cards. Jim Rice was an 8 time All-Star and league MVP in 1978. He hit for a career average of .298 with 2,452 hits including 382 HR's resulting in 1451 RBI.

Rickey Henderson would not have wanted to share the spotlight with anyone and didn't have to on his 1980 Topps RC card.

Henderson retired (eventually) as the career leader in walks, runs scored and stolen bases. The best lead-off hitter the game ever saw. In his youth he was magical on the base paths. A 10x All-Star and league MVP in 1990. His 24 year career resulted in 3055 hits and 1406 stolen bases. Not devoid of power, he belted 297 HR's in his career and finished with an average of .279 and a OBP of .401

Congrats to both stars from my youth.

eBay Lots That Make You Drool

What do you think is the aggregate amount spent on wax to assemble such a collection? Obviously the seller most likely did not acquire them all from packs but at one point someone did. So again, what do you think the range is that was spent on wax to assemble this lot? This scan is 9 cards of 1,500!!

eBay and PayPal Policy Changes

Sellers should specifically beware of the following changes regarding PayPal and eBay.

If you buy or sell on eBay and use PayPal I encourage you to read these in detail. Several changes are taking place but the ones that caught my eye as an occasional buyer AND seller are:

eBay Shipping Insurance- BUYERS will no longer have the option of choosing insurance on an item. It will be up to the SELLER to incude it in the shipping cost at their discretion.

PayPal's Seller Protection- Will no longer cover claims filed with eBay

PayPal Claim- If a seller loses a PayPal claim, his or her liability will include the full purchase price of the item and original shipping cost, AND in some cases, they may not receive the item back.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Press Pass Stealth Hobby Edition Shines

Guest Review: Doug Cataldo

As I follow the quest for the cup, I find myself having to defend my favorite driver Kyle Busch. I like him for many reasons. First and foremost, he is aggressive and doesn’t let anything short of a failing car stop him from trying to win. But I also like him for another reason, my 4-year old is a big fan of the M&M car and that’s Kyle’s ride. So on many Sunday’s were watching the M&M car zip around the track while playing with his die-cast replica. Now that’s he’s a little older, he wants to know more about what his dad does, so when I open a box of cards to review he’s right there with me. It’s especially fun when it is a racing set because he instantly scopes out his favorites (Busch and Kasey Kahne) and kidnaps them for his own little collection. So you can image how his eyes got giant when he saw my latest product to break – 2009 Press Pass Stealth.

Read the rest . . . .

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Press Pass Premium Provides Near Perfect Box Break

Guest Review: Doug Cataldo

So you are infatuated with the Chase for the Cup, no, not the Piston Cup, although my kids are much more interested in the happenings of Lightning McQueen these days, no I am talking about the Sprint Cup Series… Tony Stewart has a solid lead and has been stellar in the Office Depot car taking in over $4,000,000 so far.

If you can’t get enough NASCAR, there are plenty of ways to get your fix merchandise wise, but none are as fun as the awesome trading cards offered by Press Pass. It has been awhile since I opened up some racing cards and to be honest, I have missed it. I just got a box of Press Pass Premium and I’m pretty excited as it is one of my personal favorites to break.

Read the rest . . .

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Upper Deck Prominent Cuts Preview

Base Set:
60 Regular Cards
22 Politicians . . . including Barack Obama
12 Celebrities . . . including Jeremy Piven and Mickey Rourke
26 Sports Icons . . . including Kobe Bryant, Randy Couture, Michael Jordan, Laird Hamilton and Kristi Yamaguchi

Cage Fighter Signatures
Cage Fighter Signatures Renditions
Cage Fighter Signatures - Premium Series
Hollywood History Material
Hollywood History Material - Premium Series
Hollywood History Dual Material
Prominent Cut Signatures
Prominent Cut Signatures – Duals
Prominent Cut Signatures - Quads

Break Summary:
Box Break:
One (1) Prominent Cut Signature per box on average!
Two (2) Cage Fighter Signatures per box on average!
Two (2) Hollywood History memorabilia cards per box on average!

Case Break:
One (1) Group A Cut Signature per case on average!
One (1) Hollywood History Premium Series card per case on average!
Three (3) Hollywood History Dual Material cards per case on average!

Look for Dual and Quad Cut Signature cards!
Look for Cage Fighter Premium Series Signatures!

4 cards per Pack
5 packs per box
6 boxes per case
Product Arrival Date: November

2009-10 UD Series 1 Hockey Preview

8 Cards/Pack
24 Packs/Box
12 Boxes/Case

Break Summary:
6 Young Guns Rookie Cards
2 UD Game Jersey cards
2 All-World Team cards
6 Superstar insert cards

Get all the details at here.

Sports Card Treasure Hunt!! is having a very cool promo. Before trolling eBay over the next week be sure to check Sportlots first. You might just find some treasure.

From July 26th through July 30th, Sportlots will be running daily treasure hunts. Each day, around 9am (CST), Sportlots will hide a card in Sportlots inventory. The value of each card will range anywhere from $20.00 to $60.00 (or maybe even more). Each of these cards will be listed at 18 cents each.

Now, here is the fun part.. the first person to find the card and place it in a Sportlots order will get the card for free! During the day, Sportlots will send out email hints to help you find the card. The hints will start out more vague and be more specific throughout the day. If the card is not found by around 9pm (CST), Sportlots will end the treasure hunt for the day and we will start with a new card the next day.

No purchase is necesarry and anyone can win. However, if you want to sign up to receive notifications on when the card is listed each morning, receive hints throughout the day and receive notification each day when the card has been found, be sure to sign up to receive notifications.To receive notification, Click Here

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shoeless Joe 1917 World Series Hit Ball?!?!?!

As a Shoeless Joe Jackson fan and collector
an item like this makes me have heart palpitations.
However, some questions come to mind.
If this IS the real deal, why would you ever sell this on eBay?
Why would you not have the ball authenticated,
carbon dated or something?

Donruss Gridiron Football Preview and Image Gallery

Release Date: Nov 11, 2009
Pack SRP: $6.00
Direct Configuration: 5 cards, 18 packs, 8 boxes

3 Autographs or Memorabilia Cards, 3 rookies, and 5 of the following:

Next Generation
Player Timeline

Look for autographed Jumbo Swatch Rookie Cards, ON-CARD autographs
on the NFL Gridiron Fields and Pull-Out jumbo swatches, and team helmet
cards feature autographs of all the 2009 Rookie Premiere players including;

Matthew Stafford, Mark Sanchez, Josh Freeman, Pat White, Knowshon
Moreno, Donald Brown, Chris Wells, LeSean McCoy, Shonn Greene, Darrius
Heyward-Bey, Michael Crabtree, Jeremy Maclin, Percy Harvin, Hakeem
Nicks, Kenny Britt and Brian Robiskie

NFL Team Pro Gridiron Signatures:
Dan Marino, Joe Namath, Jim Brown, Don Maynard, Deacon Jones, Dan
Fouts and Chuck Bednarik

Jumbo Prime Swatches Featuring:
Joe Namath, Jim Brown, Steve Largent, Matthew Stafford, Mark Sanchez,
Knowshon Moreno, Chris Wells and Michael Crabtree.

Joe Namath, Jim Brown, Drew Brees, Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, Michael
Turner, Ryan Grant, Santonio Holmes, Steve Slaton, Tony Romo, Andre
Johnson, Ben Roethlisberger, DeAngelo Williams, LaDainian Tomlinson,
Marion Barber III, Peyton Manning, Steve Largent,

Look for HOT BOXES featuring additional material and autograph

Donruss Classic Football Review

Guest Review- Russ Cohen
2009 Donruss Classics Football has me thinking about the gridiron once again with another very solid release. For around $75 dollars collectors can expect a nice checklist of rookies and stars and some of these auto rookies will be classics down the road.
My auto rookie was of Mohamed Massaquoi (plus I got a base rookie numbered to 999). The card is numbered to just 200 and this kid could be a star for the Cleveland Browns in the near future. If Brady Quinn can find him open this wide receiver will catch it. I know I said Quinn he will be the starter.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Official- Beckett Sucks

Gellman at SCU has gracioulsy offered to pay for the cost of the official Beckett Sucks T-Shirt I will be wearing at the National. Thanks Gellman!!

Press Pass Legends Image Gallery and Checklist

2009 Press Pass legends debuts today and this is always one of their better products. Seeing legendary players like Tony Dorsett and John Elway in their college gear with on-card autographs is just plain cool.

See the Complete Checklist here.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Conflicted Over Back On Topps

When first hearing about Michael Eisner's plans to launch a web series fictitiously based around the the day to day activities of the Topps company, I was intrigued as I'm sure many of you were. Upon casting of the Sklar Brothers you knew that the idea took a nerdish, cheesy turn and Season 1 certainly delivered humor of that variety.

I'll admit I was initially entertained, not so much by the comedy (or lack thereof) itself as I was with the novelty of the concept. However, with card companies, as of late, taking a more kid friendly marketing tactic, I was surprised that they choose to invest in and promote the irreverent juvenile behavior patented by the Sklar brothers as compared to say, I don't know . . creating better products!

I was even more surprised to see that the web series recently made it's Season 2 debut. Proving that apparently no group of people is safe from the scorn and ridicule of the Sklar Brothers, the first 2 episodes declare open season on Jesus and the handicap to create laughs clearly not focusing this show towards young collectors.

I did find the second episode of the new season better than the first (which sucked) getting a pretty big chuckle from the Jeter Cologne bit.

A list of the credits shows a litany of people on the payroll to support this venture which is currently sponsored by Dick's Sporting Goods. When Eisner's group took over Topps he immediately made it clear that he wanted to leverage the Topps name and such icons as Bazooka Joe to create multi-media opportunities to drive revenue resulting in less reliance on the traditional card and candy business to drive profits.

Obviously I don't have insight into their books but despite the heavy production costs, it would be safe to assume that the first season made money, justifying its return.

My question/conflict is what could that money have done had they hired a new creative and product development team?
What do YOU think?

Game On!! National-bound!!

OK, it's official, Voice of the Collector will be at the National on Saturday August 1st. I will be blogging from the show floor and uploading an image gallery later that night. If you are attending that day, I would love to meet up with you. Email me at so we can exchange cell numbers to find each other on the show floor.

In addition, for those that follow me on Twitter I will be providing a Tweetcast in realtime. To make this work the way I want it to, I really need to locate a cell phone with a camera to upload pictures to Twitpics so you can see what I'm seeing. My work issued Blackberry doesn't have a camera unfortuantely. So keep your fingers crossed.

This is my attempt at bringing the National to You if You can't be at the National.

P.S. If anybody is willing to donate a "Beckett Sucks" T-Shirt printed on front and back in a size XL I will proudly wear it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

UD National Redemption Images and Schedule


Co-Production with The Topps Company, Inc.
Sponsored by Dick’s Sporting Goods Premiere’s Today on on MSN

Back on Topps, the Emmy®-nominated original online series produced by Michael Eisner’s new media studio Vuguru ( and The Topps Company, Inc., a leading creator and marketer of sports and related cards, entertainment products, and distinctive confectionery, will kick-off its second season today. Comedy duo Jason and Randy Sklar (ESPN Cheap Seats, Layers) created and star in the critically acclaimed series exclusively at on MSN (

Back on Topps is a fictitious and hilarious, behind-the-scenes journey into one of the world’s most recognizable and iconic sports companies. The second season picks up where the successful first season left off when a Christian dating service rents space at Topps, testing the brothers’ faith in restraint and making things even more unpredictable at the office. To escape the chaos in their lives, Leyland and Leif Topps (played by the Sklars) retreat to Dick’s Sporting Goods, their fortress of solitude where they can work through their problems while testing out nine irons and camping gear. Along the way, they enlist the council of stars from Major League Baseball and the WNBA in their quest to prove that their love of all-things sports will save the day.

Read the rest . . .

If You Like Vintage This Should Make You Drool

Sunday, July 19, 2009

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