Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2009-10 SP Signature Edition Football Preview and Image Gallery

2009 SP Signature Edition Football makes its brand return for the first time since 2003 and delivers even more bang for the buck! Every box will have a multi-signed card or two individual autographs! Look for unique autograph inserts like Signs of the Super Bowl, pairing two players from the same game!

Regular Set: Regular Cards (200)Signature Rookies (60)
Top Inserts: Signs of the Super Bowl (Varied #)

Signature MVPs (Varied #)
Signature ROYs (Varied #)
Signature Eight (Varied #)
Draft Years (Varied #)
Rivalries (Varied #)

Box Break: (on average)
One (1) Multi-Signed card OR Two (2) Individual Autographs in every Box!
All Multi-Signed Cards are foil numbered!

Case Break: (on average)Five (5) Triple, Quad, Six, and Eight Signatures per case!

Configuration:4 cards per pack1 pack per box

Product Arrival Date: November


Cardboardsingles said...

Any clue on the price tag on this product? or is that yet to be determined by Upper Deck. This looks like it will be an interesting product, hit or miss terribly with every pack.

VOTC said...

No SRP yet

masterpug said...

the basketball version of the product runs about $50/box, so probably in that range...

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