Sunday, July 5, 2009

Catching up and random thoughts

I spent the long weekend catching up on one of my favorite shows, Showtime's Brotherhood. I recently became acquainted with Pirate's Bay and the whole bit torrent thing. It's basically like old Napster on steroids but instead of strict peer-to-peer file sharing, downloads rely on several users having a specific file and the use of a software like uTorrent to grab bits of the file until it is complete. If you want more info, email me.

Several things went on this weekend including the psuedo, live release of Topps 2009 Allen & Ginter. I really, really liked this brand when it first came out but at this point I'm kind of burnt out on it. To me this is a product that is the very essence of gimmicks and design retreads. But hey, that's just me I know people love it. I will take a cursory glance at the non-baseball checklist for anyone that strikes my fance but other than that, I'll pass.

Of a more interesting note, is a link I saw on Sportcard Info's Twitter feed from the NY Daily News detailing the continuing saga, drama and fallout from the dissolution of Mastro Auctions. It is a compelling read on the darker, high society aspect of the Hobby.

Read the whole story.


Dave said...

I love Brotherhood as well. It's a great show as is Weeds.

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