Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Game On!! National-bound!!

OK, it's official, Voice of the Collector will be at the National on Saturday August 1st. I will be blogging from the show floor and uploading an image gallery later that night. If you are attending that day, I would love to meet up with you. Email me at thevotc@gmail.com so we can exchange cell numbers to find each other on the show floor.

In addition, for those that follow me on Twitter I will be providing a Tweetcast in realtime. To make this work the way I want it to, I really need to locate a cell phone with a camera to upload pictures to Twitpics so you can see what I'm seeing. My work issued Blackberry doesn't have a camera unfortuantely. So keep your fingers crossed.

This is my attempt at bringing the National to You if You can't be at the National.

P.S. If anybody is willing to donate a "Beckett Sucks" T-Shirt printed on front and back in a size XL I will proudly wear it.


Gellman said...

Sounds awesome! Let me know if you see any rare Mauer autos or PEtersons, haha.

beardy said...

That MIGHT almost be enough to make me start a twitter account. I was thinking of going, but next year the National is coming to me, so I'm gonna hold out for that.

JRJ said...

Awesome. I'll send you an email. I'll be twittering from the event too. #NSCCShow.

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