Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Mental Side of Collecting

This is a comment I left on a very thought provoking post on SCU

For me the answer to your (Gellman's) question "I'm just curious if others have seen the same correlations I have?"; is yes, in more ways than you can imagine. Back almost a year ago I wrote a post titled "Collecting vs. Accumulating"

When my wife and I moved from a town home to a single family I made the conscious decision to throw away about 20-30x the material I did in my now infamous "Junk Wax How To" video.

I started collecting again as a way to "consciously" fill the time and energy I used to spend on smoking pot, selling pot, buying pot, thinking about pot etc. I have always had a very addictive personality and I knew that I was going to need something to fill some of the wasted time I had spent involved with drugs for years. A friend had recently asked me when the last time I had been in a card shop or seen a baseball card. It had been awhile and when I saw jersey pieces, and autos, I was hooked.

I went through an unhealthy period of collecting with spending WAY too much money including a mid-life crisis that unbeknownst to my wife I got a PayPal credit card and said, "Fuck it, I'm not waiting 'til I retire to have and enjoy the things I really want in my collection." ,and then proceeded to rack up $4k before my wife busted me with the bill.

I'd like to think I have since found a balance, although I probably spend too much time reading and writing about the hobby. But I try to do this on my own time. Lunch at work, after the kids are in bed, etc.

Periodically, I look in the closet in my office and go, "What am I going to do with all this stuff." (The dozens of releases I bought monthly for my first several years back "into" collecting).

When you have OCD, and an addictive personality you have to be careful, at least I know I do.


Unknown said...

Why not try selling to us your "unwanted" items? We appraise everything from old coins to dolls and jewelry. Our appraisers offer the owners of the items money for their stuff on the spot.

Play at the Plate said...

Man, have I been there. I went seriously crazy with the Credit cards and hid it from my wife...I've been away from collecting for awhile now, but that addictive personality thing hits home with me even though it hasn't ever been drugs.

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