Sunday, July 26, 2009

Press Pass Stealth Hobby Edition Shines

Guest Review: Doug Cataldo

As I follow the quest for the cup, I find myself having to defend my favorite driver Kyle Busch. I like him for many reasons. First and foremost, he is aggressive and doesn’t let anything short of a failing car stop him from trying to win. But I also like him for another reason, my 4-year old is a big fan of the M&M car and that’s Kyle’s ride. So on many Sunday’s were watching the M&M car zip around the track while playing with his die-cast replica. Now that’s he’s a little older, he wants to know more about what his dad does, so when I open a box of cards to review he’s right there with me. It’s especially fun when it is a racing set because he instantly scopes out his favorites (Busch and Kasey Kahne) and kidnaps them for his own little collection. So you can image how his eyes got giant when he saw my latest product to break – 2009 Press Pass Stealth.

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