Friday, July 31, 2009

Review- Don't Overlook UD MLB Icons

Guest Review: Jon Waldman

Sometimes sets come out that really don’t require much of a review, because the hit count speaks for itself.

This is the case with MLB Icons, which, with two Lettermen, two jerseys and one auto averaged out in a 10-pack box, you have a 1:2 chance of getting a money card. Add to that the high propensity to get a numbered rookie (1 in our packs), a low-numbered parallel (we got 3) or another numbered card (1 here for us) and you’ve got the recipe for a strong box break.

I say this not to sluff off my review, because I really did enjoy breaking open my 10 pack sample. Instead, I lead off with this because it’s rare to get essentially a hit in every pack for a $10-$15/pack product.

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