Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sports Diva TTM Success Manon Rheaume

The first and only woman to earn a starting position on a team from the major sports, Manon Rheaume from Quebec, Canada started in goalie for the Tampa Bay Lightning in 1992. An athlete of talent, class, beauty, and grace her foundation has helped hundreds of young girls pursue their athletic goals. I sent Ms. Rheaume this photo which she signed in a fine point blue sharpie. Many athletes who run foundations return your TTM item asking for a donation in exchange for signing, the First Lady of Hockey, Ms. Rheaume instead signed my photo and sent me an insert informing me of her organization instead of demanding a donation in exchange for an autograph.

Thank you Manon. As the father of two little girls, it is stories like yours that will help my kids understand that they can be ANYTHING they want to be.


The Big Kahuna said...

Cela est s'impressionnant. Je suis totalement entretenu d'elle ! Elle avait chaud !
That is so awesome. I'm totally stoked about her! She was hot!

Thanks for hitting up the hockey. No one in central PA seems to like Hockey and it's nice to see someone covering the milestone players. And yes I took a few years of french and I married a Canadian.

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