Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Steroids a Greater Offense than Dog Fighting?

An ongoing survey of readers of Tuff Stuff the online portal for Sports Collector's Monthly, shows, in my opinion, some disturbing priorities.

First, killing someone with your car should be getting 100% of the vote and the fact that it isn't is obviously indicitive of our country being desensitized to violence and the de-valuing of human life. But that's a storyfor another day on another blog. What caught my eye is that more people believe that being caught using steroids is more disturbing than the sick and sadistic activity of dog fighting.

I have repeatedly said that people who casually pass dog fighting off as simply something unsettling have never really seen the results of this horrific activity.

Do a Google (or Bing) image search for dog fighting . . . go ahead . . . I'll wait.

Now tell me getting busted cheating in a game is worse than that?

What's wrong with people?


Wax Heaven said...

Michael Vick is a piece of shit. I hope someone wipes him out. Period.

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