Thursday, July 16, 2009

Topps Magic Football Review

Guest Review- Russ Cohen

2009 Topps Magic Football is a pre-NFL set with beautifully photographed old school cards of top-notch college players before they turn pro. Many times these sets have a marginal meaning for me because I’m not a big college football fan but some of the classic players in this set enhance it greatly and to me it makes this set very special.
For about $80 each box contains three autographs and the list is impressive to say the least. Terry Bradshaw, Jim Brown, John Elway, Bo Jackson, Dan Marino and the list goes on (including many current players) and all of these stars are pictured in their college jerseys. Have you ever seen a Jim Brown college auto? I haven’t. I did get a Bo Jackson single and I loved that card because I remember what a star he was at Auburn and he was literally a human highlight reel. If he didn’t have a hip replacement he could have been the best to ever play the game, Football that is, this doesn’t cover his baseball career!


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