Friday, July 24, 2009

Upper Deck Prominent Cuts Preview

Base Set:
60 Regular Cards
22 Politicians . . . including Barack Obama
12 Celebrities . . . including Jeremy Piven and Mickey Rourke
26 Sports Icons . . . including Kobe Bryant, Randy Couture, Michael Jordan, Laird Hamilton and Kristi Yamaguchi

Cage Fighter Signatures
Cage Fighter Signatures Renditions
Cage Fighter Signatures - Premium Series
Hollywood History Material
Hollywood History Material - Premium Series
Hollywood History Dual Material
Prominent Cut Signatures
Prominent Cut Signatures – Duals
Prominent Cut Signatures - Quads

Break Summary:
Box Break:
One (1) Prominent Cut Signature per box on average!
Two (2) Cage Fighter Signatures per box on average!
Two (2) Hollywood History memorabilia cards per box on average!

Case Break:
One (1) Group A Cut Signature per case on average!
One (1) Hollywood History Premium Series card per case on average!
Three (3) Hollywood History Dual Material cards per case on average!

Look for Dual and Quad Cut Signature cards!
Look for Cage Fighter Premium Series Signatures!

4 cards per Pack
5 packs per box
6 boxes per case
Product Arrival Date: November


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