Sunday, August 9, 2009

and the National Plunder Contest Winners Are . . .

Winners- Email me at with your snail mail address by Wednesday 7pm CST to claim your prize. Winners not redeeming their prize with an email and their address, by the designated time, will lose it to the 10th place person etc. I don't want this thing lingering, so please reply ASAP.
A review of the prizes:
1st Prize- Lisa Gleaves Kissed Auto
2nd Prize- Herman Franks Cut Auto
3rd Prize- Ball Dome
4th Prize- $10 off a Blowout cards and Magnetic snap-tight
5th Prize- Tri-Star Obak Promo Set
6th Prize- T206 PSA Poster
7th Prize- UD redemption cards, Obak mini promos, FCB prospect set
8th Prize- St. Louis Cardinals UD All-Star Poster
9th Prize- Freedom Cardboard Prospect Set
Thank you to all that entered!!


Motherscratcher said...

Man, those Canadians have all the luck.

Slangon said...

Dude, thats awesome. Thank you.

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