Saturday, August 1, 2009

Back on the Radar . . . The National, #NSCC Recap

Just a quick post to let you all know I survived the show without to much harassment after the initial threat of being barred from the show. (More on that later). I am editing photos and will sleep on the experience before putting the experience to paper, er keyboard. I had a very enjoyable time and met up with a few bloggers, James Ryan at Sports Locker and Dave from Fielder's Choice and some of the guys from Freedom Cardboard (Chris) and Sportscard Forum (Don White). It wasnice making those real-world connections.

The "Beckett Sucks" T-Shirt, kindly donated by Gellman at SCU, was a big hit and elicited plenty of laughs, and "I love your shirt" comments. I could probably have made a few hundred bucks if I had been selling them. Dealers particularly loved the shirt. They probably get sick and tired of talking to people expecting to buy their cards from them at a % of "book" compared to what the dealer knows they are really worth.

If you missed the real-time Twittercast, you can still catch up on the posts and pictures at my feed.

I got some free shwag that I will be giving away this week, including a space age new ball holder that is truly ingenious and indestructible, a PSA T-206 poster, a Lisa Gleave kissed auto, Freedom Cardboard Prospect Sets, Tri-Star Obak Preview Promo, UD Redemption Cards and more.

I was looking for a VG-VGEX Mike Schmidt 1973 Topps RC and came close to pulling the trigger but didn't.

More to come, got photos to edit.


James said...

Great to meet you! The twitter updates are awesome.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

You too and yours too!! Thanks!!

Mark Aubrey said...

Wonderful photos from the National. Thanks for sharing them with those of us unable to attend.

Gellman said...

Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you today. I wish I could have been there, work sucks. Glad the shirt did so well.

Gellman said...

Thanks for all the updates and pics too, really awesome.

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