Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Below Video Explained

Baseball card collecting started for me much like it did for thousands of collectors before me; as a way to get closer to the game, my team, and my favorite players. This trvial pursuit is still enjoyed by many but less and less so be kids. I don't blame anyone for this as their are simply to many competing entertainment interests available to today's youth.

The card companies understand this and over time have tried to blend multi-media into a traditionally one dimensional pastime. Over the last 20 years, baseball card manufacturers have released 3-4 specific product ideas that have attempted to capture the attention of youth by incorporating multi-media in the form of audio, video and 3D into The Hobby. They are:
  1. Topps Sports Talk Baseball
  2. Donruss VXP
  3. UpperDeck Power Deck
  4. Topps 3D

The following video showcases these multi-media ventures in action.


Andrew said...

I don't know if I'm a fan of the whole 3D concept. I whole point of buying baseball cards was the instant gratification from seeing my favorite players as soon as I opened the pack of cards. Now I'd have to find a webcam to see an animated version of something I can see on TV.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

I couldn't get mine to work and get frustrated wasting my time trying. Just another gimmick but I think it is funny that we have gone from a miniture record player to 3D in 20 years

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