Sunday, August 9, 2009

Collecting Reflects Our Passion . . . For The Game

That's one of the common bonds among all collectors, we LOVE the sport we collect. There seems to be a glaring lack of discussion about this year's on field pursuits in the blogsphere and I thought it would be cool to get a conversation started as we are clearly in the "Dog Days of August" and gearing up for the pennant race.

Numerous surprises, questions, and on-field occomplishments make this a very interesting time of the year. Some things to think about;

Will the 2 best teams in the NL (Phillies and Dodgers) meet in the NLCS?

Both Central division races are going to come down to the wire with multiple teams contending. Who will come out ahead?

With Pujols knocking in another 3 RBI with bases loaded, is he the best "clutch" hitter ever?

Will the Yankees collapse?

Will the AL Wildcard come from somewhere other than the East?

With the injuries the Cubs have had, how are they still in contention and is it possibly they really are jinxed?

Mark Buerhle throws a perfect game, then sets the record for consecutive batters retired and then in his next two starts proceeds to get lit up for like 50 runs (sic). What's with that?

With the non-waiver trade deadline come and gone, will there still be a big name moved?

What are you keeping an eye on? What are your thoughts on these and other topics?


KB said...

Answer key:

1) 50/50
2) Cardinals and Twins
3) Tim McCarver says his precious Jetey-Bear is, and McCarver would never stray me wrong. Joe Morgan also said it had to be someone from the mid-70's who played in Cincinnati, so take that for what it's worth.
4) Doubtful, but they better hope no good player goes down with injury. They are paper thin,esp. at pitcher.
5) Doubtful
6) Because at the start of the season, the Cubs were likely 5 games better than any other NL Central team.
No to curses.
7) Regression to the mean
8) Doubtful, unless you consider Alex Rios a big name. Then, maybe.
9) More Erin Andrews videos.
These topics are a'ight.

MattR said...

I'm watching the NL wild card race closely. If the Giants can get into the playoffs, their starting pitching can be dangerous in a short series. I don't think they have the offense to get very far, but it'll be fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

1.) I should like to hope not.
2.) Cubs & Sox of course.
3.) "Who's the best at what" questions will be debated forever without ever getting closer to a consensus answer, let alone the correct one, whatever that may be.
4.) One can only hope.
5.) Doubt it, sadly. Rooting for the Mariners to sneak in though.
6.) It's pretty amazing that Cubs keep hanging around, despite the injuries, and the fact that just haven't hit well overall regardless. If they make the playoffs, they will have definitely earned it.
7.) "Regression to the mean" would just be like giving up two or three earned runs in seven innings for Buehrle. I'd say law of averages, but that discounts the human element, or oversimplifies the factors involved in crashing & burning after a crowning moment of awesome. In other words, it simply is what it is, he just followed up perfection with a couple bad starts.
8.) Been hearing Alex Rios too. Not that he is a big name at this point, but the potential for major stardom exists within him apparently.
9.) Always keeping an eye on the Cubs, and really more Erin Andrews videos goes without saying. :P
These topics are good. Stretched my brain out a little bit and woke me up this morning, shaking the cobwebs faster than the time it often takes for me to become coherent after I wake up.

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