Monday, August 10, 2009

A Completist's Dilemma Part 2

In Part 1 I asked you to guess the theme and what was missing and two people hit it right on the head.

On of the things I love about retired player products and retired greats memorabilia/relic cards in particular is being able to own a small piece of that history.

I will most likely never own a T-206 cards of Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner or Christy Matthewson, or a original Goudey of Babe Ruth but I do own these cards from the Inaugural Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 1939.

After pulling the Ruth from Donruss Throwback Threads in 2005 if I remember correctly and then the Wagner from 2007 SP Legendary Cuts, I thought it would be cool to own a card from each member of that illustrious group.

Then I ran into a problem. Do you know what it is? I won't make you wait for a Part 3.

Walter "The Big Train" Johnson, to this day, has NEVER had a memorabilia/relic card produced.

Thus the dilemma.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

I had no idea. That just doesn't seem right. I guess if your name isn't Ruth no one pays much attention to you.

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