Friday, August 21, 2009


Oh boy, wait till you see what got pulled from our box of Upper Deck 2008-09 Exquisite for Card Corner Club. Knowing that each box is hand collated and assembled, I can't imagine what the num-nuts was thinking that put their seal of approval on it. Combined with the fact that you could make 2 car payments with what a box costs . . . well just wait and see.
The other thing that is sheer hypocrisy about this product is that when it debuted in 2003, Upper Deck officials stated that they didn't envision this being an annual product but that given the marquee nature of that year's rookie class, provided a once in a life-time opportunity. Apparently that idea got thrown out the window, as it has been released every year since. Given the week draft classes of the last 2 years, it would have been better had the folks in Carlsbad stuck to their original idea.


AceWild said...

600 bucks for a box with 5 cards is stupid. I don't care if there premium cards its not worth it. Id rather buy a case of jumbo bowman with 28 autos and 3000 cards.

Gellman said...

Ace, for you its quantity over quality, for most, its the other way around. Dont even get me started on this ridiculous argument.

Rob, what they mean is that they are hand packed from a seeding list. The seeding list is improved for exquisite over the years, but its still done so that some boxes are better than others. Sorry you got a shitty box, thems the breaks.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

That's BS. When you see what was pulled you'll see why anyone that had dumped that kind of coin would have felt ripped off. I don't expect a high end product to return anywhere near 100% of its value but 30-50% would be nice on a product at this price point. For $650 we found MAYBE 10%. I'm sorry but that doesn't fly with me. I know this type of product is geared towards the gambler type collector but this is unexceptable. The fact remains that someone sat at a table selected cards from the buffet of material available and put them in a box.

Also with a subpar draft class and the midst of an economic recession, I just don't see a place in the market for this type of product. If you can't return some modest level of value back to the collector because of a lack of marquee draft picks maybe you shouldn't make it at all.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Gellman is on UD's payroll now. "Just deal with dem breaks, man".

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