Friday, August 14, 2009

Hobby and Sports Random Thoughts and Musings

Vick the Dick
Michael Vick has been very well trained by his handlers and is doing all the right things publicly. However, the integrity of a person is defined by what they do when they think no one sees them. Has he really abandoned the thug lifestyle he personified and glorified? Only time will tell.

We live in a country built on providing people second chances. The Statue of Liberty has greeted immigrants the world over with a welcome message of " . . . give me your tired your poor and your huddled masses yearning to be free . . ." and while Michael Vick has paid dearly for his transgressions in my opinion, it will never have been enough. Playing in the NFL is a privilege and not a right and I think he has lost that privilege. Obviously the NFL does not agree with me.

Exquisite Basketball
When some of the best pulls of a product are made early in the product's release, as has been the case with UD's Exquisite Basketball, do sales drop resulting in decreased pricing?

Tiger Woods is poised for another major win. Do you think he'll do it? If you had to bet on it, would you take Tiger or the field?

Exclusive licensing sucks. Plain and simple. It limits consumer choices by force and can never be considered a good thing. Quickly on the heels of Topps' MLB deal, UD was granted an exclusive collegiate licensing deal. Today they sign the NHL's reigning MVP Alexander Ovechkin to an exclusive player contract. I'm not sure I see the point since UD already has the exclusive league license.

Softball and the Olympics
The only reason the IOC (International Olympic Committee) voted against womens softball as a sport is because it is dominated by the US.

Will MMA or competitive eating ever be Olympic sports? Before you quickly say no, people said snowboarding would NEVER be an Olympic event either. (Maybe MMA but not competitive eating, that was just a joke.)


Anonymous said...

I enjoy the randomness of this post. And I agree about the exclusive licenses. There are compelling arguments for both sides, but I don't see how competition can ever be a bad thing...

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