Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Don't Get Message Boards

I know that for whatever reason they have become extremely popular and are utilized by stand alone entities like Sports Card Forum and Freedom Cardboard as well as companies like Beckett Sucks, Upper Deck and Blowout Cards.

Can someone explain to me why? The minimal time I have spent investigating this phenomen has resulted in me realizing that some people have WAY to much time on there hands and that I had wasted mine. I don't normally like to paint with a broad brush but for the most part they seem to be populated by BVG's (Book Value Geeks). I try to steer as far away from such people as possible and know that most people I interact with in the blogsphere do as well.

I thought I might be able to use them to find some people also working on the UD 20th Anniversary Set but instead got solicited with random trade requests I had no interest in.

All that said, what's the purpose, point, and attraction?


KB said...

Yeah, unless you are a mid-end or low-end collector where the Book Value Brigade can't harass you much, sports card message boards are just not worth the hassle. And even then, you're waiting forever to make a decent trade.

Unless you also like to subtly make fun of really dumb people. The SCF sports talk sections make look like Baseball Prospectus.

thehamiltonian said...

Its a lot like communal blogging. Some are good, some are bad.

JD's Daddy said...

Hey, when you talk about the 20th century anniversary cards, do you mean just the ordinary/in every few packs of upper deck cards? I have some of those...mostly use them as ant traps and dividers, so if you would like to rescue the remainders, shoot me an email and I can tell you what I have!

night owl said...

I don't get them either. It's for people who have a lot more time than I do. Or a lot more interest than I do. Or both.

KB said...

Also there is a guy on SCF who registered in Dec. 2007 and has almost 45,000 posts. Seriously.

Using some quick and dirty math, that's like 75 posts a day EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR 20 MONTHS. That is just insane.

reoddai said...

People break cards all over the world. You may live in a city where all the cards you're looking for are pulled there and somehow end up in your hands through trade or the local hobby shop. I suppose that with an unlimited budget, you could go through eBay for the rest of what you need, and sell what you don't want and let eBay and Paypal eat at least 10% of whatever you do.

For those of us in smaller cities where the local card shop has less than 20 GU and with limited money to spend, we can frequent these boards for say... less than the time it takes for you to write a blog and slowly work out some trades. Its certainly faster than the mail order slowness of pre-internet days.

If that's your final opinion, I guess you aren't the voice of the collectors who do frequent message boards. Judging from the many who do, its hard to say how in line your opinion is with the average collector. I suggest trying out the forums again. There are many out there, maybe you just haven't found the right one. You don't have to pick a big one, like SCF, which is frequented by BVG collectors, if you have a more specific collection. Feel free to contact me if you need suggestions for vintage BB, or hockey or any era.


Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

reoddai- ok that makes sense. Like I said. I just didn't or don't get it. Whenever I have visited a forum I feel like I'm joining a conversation that I have no idea what's going on. Also some of the post titles don't coincide with the content of the post. I know they are very, very popular but maybe it is just a time factor. It seems you can can get lost in there for quite awhile. So if I am looking for people who are collecting the UD 20th set and want to trade doubles 1 to 1, where would you suggest I post a message?

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