Thursday, August 27, 2009

One of the Most AMAZING Videos I Have EVER Seen


dogfacedgremlin said...

That guy rides his bike better than I walk.

Gellman said...

what he said.

The Mojo Hand said...

Danny is a freak of nature. He has other videos out that make this one your watch look easy. Rumor has it he once rode his bike across a swimming pool.

With water in it.


Anonymous said...

I started riding Freestyle back when you had to put pegs and a rotor on your BMX handlbars to do any tricks... Then the 1st Freestyle Diamondback came out and it wieghed 10-20X's what they do now. This guy is FN insane in a good way! The control alone is nutz! At the 1st part of the video I all I could think of was My god he's going to end up straddling that damn Fence! ( ouch goodbye jewels! ) Thanks for the Video.. I don't have the words to say how good this guy is. Grant

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