Saturday, August 15, 2009

One of My Favorite Products of All Time

I prefer mid to higher end card products. That's just me. Yes I am working on a set of Topps base cards from 1970 to the present to satisfy the set builder in me but when it comes to player and team collections I like a little pizazz. Those of you who read the blog regularly, also know I am a HUGE fan of retired player products, unfortunately for me, they don't exist anymore due to the MLBPA being obviously more concerned about their current players than retired ones.

As is the case with a lot of my interests I have champagne tastes but a beer budget. That is one of the reasons I really, really liked this product when it released in 2005. With an original SRP of about $65 upon release, and $50 after a couple of weeks on the market, every tin delivered an autograph of a Hall of Fame player or a sure fire future inductee #'ed to 25 or less.

Cases contained:

4-5 autographed memorabilia cards #'d to 15 or less per case.
3 autographed patch cards #'d to 10 or less per case.
1-2 dual, triple, quad signature or cut signature cards #'d to 20 or less per case.

At these pack out rates, your chances of pulling something above and beyond the auto were very good. I opened about 4 tins of this product that year and these were some of the autos and memorabilia I pulled:

Mike Schmidt #'d to 15

George Brett #'d to 15

Roger Hornsby Memorabilia #'d to 15

and this:

Johnny Mize GU Jersey #'d 1 of 1

As you can see, pretty good value for autos and memorabilia of legendary Hall of Famers. However, this product's big chase was one of the coolest concepts I have ever seen come out of a sports card product:

A 24" x 24" shadow box, 3" deep with JSA authenticated cut signatures of this Hall of Fame fantasy roster titled, "Legendary Lineups"

Any idea what this 1 of 1 masterpiece sold for at auction? . . . . $26,290.

You can see the full description and DETAILED photos at Heritage Auctions.


James said...

That cut signatures piece is really cool. I like the retired player products too.

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