Monday, August 10, 2009

Panini Added Some New Wrinkles to the 2009 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot

(Tarrytown, NY) -- Over 30 of the top NBA draft picks all converged on the MSG training center to get take part in the photo shoot that eventually helps to create their first trading cards and as a result you end up with a fraternity of young players that have a lot of fun and in the end they walk out with their rookie cards and cards of the other participants as well.

Panini started out this event with fresh eyes, and that created some fresh new ideas as a result. Their five exclusives were in the house and that impressive list includes Blake Griffin, Tyler Hansbrough, Jordan Hill, Brandon Jennings, and Hasheem Thabeet. They all made exclusive videos that will appear on Panini’s website plus there were a few new wrinkles.

“You only get to be a rookie once so I am here having fun,” said Thabeet, the 2nd overall pick of the Memphis Grizzlies. “Seven years ago I never thought of this now I’m here and I am going to take advantage of my opportunities. I will go out there and play ball and show why I deserve to be on a card.”

Thabeet is from Tanzania and he’s a solid 7-3, 263 pounds. He started playing basketball a bit later than most kids in the United States. The NBA is truly a global game and Rodrigue Beaubois (Mavericks) really is an example of that. He is from France so I wondered if he collected.

“No, well maybe one or two cards,” he said. When I asked him who the players were he quickly answered, “You don’t know them so it doesn’t matter.” He got a chuckle out of that.

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Andrew said...

This group of NBA rookies looks like a fun bunch. Can't wait to see these new cards

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