Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Product Review- The Cup Never Gets Boring

Guest Review- Russ Cohen

I can talk about the Stanley Cup for hours, for days, to me it’s the most prestigious trophy on earth. As a result when Upper Deck named a card set after Lord Stanley they set their sights high and the guaranteed hits have to be good considering the asking price is around $300.

This set has terrific Wayne Gretzky autograph cards as well as “Rookie Draft Boards” cards that are hard signed right on the draft boards. That’s a great innovation and these cards will be very sough after on the secondary markets. Again the bar is set pretty high so lets see what I got.

Read the rest and see what got pulled . . .


Andrew said...

On a side note about the Stanley Cup, it really is the coolest trophy in professional sports. Hockey's not really as relevant as it used to be, but what other trophy can you drink from?

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