Thursday, August 6, 2009

Set Builders Love Allen & Ginter- Review

Guest Review: Jon Waldman

It probably comes as no surprise to any of you that Allen and Ginter is getting a thumbs up from me. After all, through each of its four years of production (and two years of reviewing our sample box), it ends up ranking not only as my favourite baseball product to open, but easily my top set in any sport.

There’s a simple reason for this – A&G is a set-builder product. Every card that comes out of a pack becomes an instant checklist commodity, partly because of the bredth of options the set gives you, partly because of the extensiveness of its checklist and partly because, when completed, it looks really damn cool.

Though other sets come and go that hearken back to the cigarette days of yore, including Topps’s own T205 and T206 tributes in baseball, no other set has captured the attention of collectors like A&G. Mixing a sport with other athletes, politicians and celebrity personalities was around before A&G, but this set was and continues to be the benchmark to which all other products aspire to be.


kris said...

If only the six boxes I purchased didn't leave me 19 cards short of the base 1-300 set, I'd be inclined to agree with you.

Topps products this year have been terribly collated, and A&G was the kick in the ass. It got to the point where I was buying boxes just to see how many it'd take to complete the set.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

That does suck kris. I'd seriously write a letter to their customer service department, saying "Hey I don't mind buying 3 or 4 boxes but 6 and I'm STILL 19 cards short. Why should I bother?"

I bet they get back to you with frree stuff

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