Sunday, August 16, 2009

Toys 'R Us and Sports Cards

Yesterday I took my girls to Toyr 'R US and walking around save a nice four sided kiosk with sports cards from baseball, basketball, football and supplies. No hockey I imagine because next year's entry level products haven't made it to market yet. While having less quantity than Target or Wal-Mart they had similar product selections with your customary rack-packs, blister packs, and blasters.

In addition they had your repacked packs and 2 products that included a framed display ready baseball card and jeresy. One came with 3 packs for $7.99 and one came by itself for $4.99. In the past I had purchase one with the 3 packs and suprisinly pulled a Cal Ripken Jr. 3-color patch for my framed piece.

I didn't get quite so lucky this time with Doug Mientkiewicz. In addition to the clever display with a fold out easel backing, what I find interesting about this product is the wording on the back, which you won't even see on the back of most trading cards FROM Upper Deck:


Wax Heaven said...

I have a Jose Canseco from this release and it's just awful.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

I'm still wondering if the "Authenticate Jersey of the player . . . " is an authentic GU jersey or just a MLB pro locensed jersey

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