Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Video: Ball Dome Autographed Baseball Holder Debuts

One of the things I really like about this product is not necessarily that it is virtually indestructible but that the ball doesn't move and the ink never touches the plastic. Using either a ball cube or the existing round type ball holder, if you hand a ball to someone to look at, the ball rolls around, particularly with ball cubes. This convenient and ingenius little invention solves those two problems and provides additional features like customized labeling. As a 500 HR Club collector, eventually I will be converting all of my balls to Ball Domes.


James said...

I like the UV protection, how it stays snug, and the durability.

But space is a bit of a concern. I like the cubes for stacking. I can stack a them on top of each to minimize the space they take - you wouldn't be able to do that with these.

That's an awesome demo to have here. Thanks for sharing.

Tony said...

I'll stick with cubes

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

I talked to the owner about the stacking issue and they are making a new model that will allow them to be stacked and have the stacks lock. Curious Tony why you would stick with cubes given the obvious benefits.

Tony said...

It's mainly a stacking issue, and lack of space. I agree the domes are better looking. When the domes are made stackable, I will certainly be willing to give them a try. After all, I went from using regular old-school round holders and ball and card holders, to using cubes. So I am not unwelcome to changing to something better

OhioCollectibles said...

I was fortunate enough to have been next to this booth all weekend long at the National. The owner of the company is a great guy. One of the best thing is that it is a 100% American Company. Even the raw materials that they use to make the product all come from the USA. The factory is in the USA. The employee Americans in a former Frisbee factory, right outside St. Louis, IL

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