Thursday, August 20, 2009

When Hobbies Collide- Chicago Comic Con Falls Short of Previous Wizard World Events

Guest Review- Doug Cataldo

Just a few short days after recovering from the Chicago Comic-Con (AKA Wizard World), I can finally jot down some of the events that took place over the past weekend. First things first, this show had its moments but let's make something perfectly clear, without Marvel, DC or Dark Horse in attendance, this isn't a true Comic-Con, it is an overblown toy show with a several comic vendors, artists and panels to explore. I'm hoping that while that comment seems harsh, it is taken to heart. I've been to every single one of the Chicago Wizard World shows and each year it seems that they lose a big name that people expect the be on the floor when the doors open. MIA this year was the above mentioned, but also McFarlane Toys, Gentle Giant and Mattel. Present were many of the same local scalpers that buy their toys at the local Target and Wal-Mart at full price or on clearance and then jack up the prices for the attendees. To charge $30 a day for this was an insult, but it didn’t stop people from attending.

It was bad, but among the raw smelling comic, sci-fi, video game and toy collectors the show did have its moments. Westfield Comics made quite an impression offering attendees a coupon for 50% off back issues. That, coupled with their nickel-and-dime specials, made shopping after . . .

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Andrew said...

Were any cool promotional products given away?

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...


Anonymous said...

i went on the saturday with the costume contest
brian kong whos done work for topps was in the artists alley
mainly had heroes and non-sport stuff
but had a small amount of baseball
he had some real nice ~8x11 pieces for $10 or $12
and 'sketch' cards (drawings on card stock, not affiliated with topps) for $2

him being from new york they were mainly of mets but still picked them up, theyre pretty well done

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