Monday, August 31, 2009

When Hobbies Collide- Now THIS is News

Disney has agreed to purchase Marvel Entertainment including Marvel Films and Marvel's 500o characters for $4 BILLION dollars. It is no suprise that comic books and graphic novels transalate particularly well to the bigscreen as such blockbusters as The Dark Knight, Iron Man, and the Spiderman franchise can attest too. You can read the complete press release here.


Gellman said...

What the shit? Man, this is going to SUUUUCCCKKK.

Todd Uncommon said...

Look out, everyone, here comes Disnervel™!

It's going to be a Juggernaut™!

(Formerly known as Cain Marko™; became the super-villain after touching the Crimson Gem™ of Cyttorak® as a Korean War™ soldier).

Welcome to The Excelsior-iest Place on Earth®!

Anonymous said...

Kingdom Hearts w/ Marvel Universe or we riot! Sora, Goofy, & Spidey taking on Kingpin plz. Ooh ooh, or Sora, Donald, & Thing taking on Galactus. Do freakin' want!

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