Sunday, September 13, 2009

People on eBay Who Are High or Mentally Disabled

Minimum Bid- $100,000
Lot of 5 Tobacco Cards

Despite having a 100% feedback on 18 transactions, nowhere does the seller make mention of the fact that these are reprints. He does show the card backs thankfully. Still all I can say is, dude, who you crappin? Listing


Carl Crawford Cards said...

I'm refinancing my house as we speak...those cards will be mine!?!

Seriously, is anyone going to go all Bad Wax on this guy?

Corky said...

Well hot damn, a friend gave me the same exact set about 20 years ago when he opened up his shop. I have been sitting on a gold mine all these years.

This dude even used the text from the back of each card verbatim except the values.

The Big Kahuna said...

Lovely.....just plain lovely. This guy should be sterilized.

Big D said...

I agree. You are never know who/what you are going to encounter on Ebay. Some absolute doozies.

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