Monday, September 14, 2009

Prominent Cuts Details and Image Gallery

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Experience a Hollywood based product that really packs a punch with MMA fighters included.

Base Set:60
Regular Cards
22 Politicians . . . including Barack Obama
12 Celebrities . . . including Jeremy Piven and Mickey Rourke
26 Sports Icons . . . including... Kobe Bryant, Randy Couture, Michael Jordan, Laird Hamilton and Kristi Yamaguchi

Cage Fighter Signatures
Cage Fighter Signatures Renditions
Cage Fighter Signatures - Premium Series
Hollywood History Material
Hollywood History Material - Premium Series
Hollywood History Dual Material
Prominent Cut Signatures
Prominent Cut Signatures – Duals
Prominent Cut Signatures - Quads

Break Summary:
Box Break:
One (1) Prominent Cut Signature per box on average
Two (2) Cage Fighter Signatures per box on average
Two (2) Hollywood History memorabilia cards per box on average

Case Break:
One (1) Group A Cut Signature per case on average
One (1) Hollywood History Premium Series card per case on average
Three (3) Hollywood History Dual Material cards per case on average

Chase:Look for Dual and Quad Cut Signature cards
Look for Cage Fighter Premium Series Signatures

Configuration:4 cards per Pack, 5 packs per box, 6 boxes per case

Product Arrival Date: November


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