Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sports Memorabilia on Walmart.com? Epic Fail!

Why would you buy this . . . .

If you could buy this . . . . . ?

Same Steiner COA, $250 more?!?!?!


James said...

Steiner is waaay over priced (this just in). I'm not sure I could buy memorabilia from Walmart, but I like the fact there is some more competition coming in... I think that will help the collector.

Shaun said...

Not everybody looking for collectibles heads to eBay first. Wal-Mart may also give some novice buyers more confidence in their purchase than eBay. These people, therefore, would be willing to pay more. This is probably not the case for a majority of the time, but I'm willing to bet they'll end up selling a few of these at this price.

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