Saturday, September 26, 2009

TWOT- This Week On Twitter 9/19-9/25

youtubeCreator's Corner, an all-in-one-resource for video-makers, is live: Tutorial vids, badges for your site & more from

sk88zMadden NFL 10 Roster Update #4 from web

sk88zMadden NFL 10 AFL Legacy Pack Available Now from web

nranewsAerosmith's Joe Perry for gun rights from Seesmic

sk88zHave @NHL10? Do you think you can re-create a shootout goal? Best get an EA SPORTS game of your choice from web

FCBsportscardsSome things for IP autograph seekers to remember. from Facebook

PlanetXbox360Project Natal awakens imagination of top game-developers during TGS 2009, including Kojima - and more: from web

SI_24SevenSI's Cheerleader of the Week: Danielle Hilliard from Univ of Western Ontario- Full gallery and interview on from CoTweet

VOTC#OneForty The App Store Twitter Forgot to Build is Live!! Review article from web

FCBsportscardsCheck it out. It's the launch of the SCB consolidated tagging system. Not much in there YET, but its new. from Facebook

MarvelExclusive Digicomics: SPECTACULAR SPIDER-GIRL #6 from TweetDeck

IGNcomCatch up on the latest from the Tokyo Game Show at IGN's TGS 2009 hub. So energetic! -Geddes (@phunnel) from Seesmic

IGNcomModels with guitar controllers, what more could you ask for? Check out The Girls of Gear: Vol. 3 now! - @SloweIGN from web

sportscardsNew Article Published:: SoccerCard SKS iPhone App Allows Users to Create Virtual Soccer Cards from Twitter Tools

MarvelWatch Japanese Spiderman Episode 30 Now! Stream ''Fight On, Police Woman'' for free on! from TweetDeck

gccomicsWeird Al + Charles Nelson Reilly = It's brilliant fun folks... from web

Microsoft_XboxA new destination for Halo fans on Xbox Live around the world. Enter the portal here: from web

Microsoft_XboxForza Motorsport 3 Avatar apparel is now on Xbox Live Marketplace. from web

PlanetXbox360Best news out of TGS 2009 so far is that Splinter Cell Conviction coming February 2010, w/ all-new trailer: from web

FCBsportscardsCheck the link for a Charm City Cards newsletter contest! from Facebook

IGNcomJim Here: Microsoft Lists Developers Working with Natal from web

JamesRyanJ@FCBsportscards Are you guys doing an iPhone app? I thought about you guys when I read this: from TweetDeck

Microsoft_XboxXbox 360 LIVE Update today. No new features or changes. This update is preparation for additional system enhancements later this fall. from web

IGNcomErik went to Japan and got a Splinter Cell preview, trailer, and release date for ya: from web

PlanetXbox360Eidos reveals "Prey in the Darkness" as free DLC for Batman: Arkham Asylum, it's available tomorrow: from web

IGNcomJim Here: Is Microsoft Ready to Buy Electronic Arts? from web

IGNcomEliza Dushku talks to IGN TV about Dollhouse Season 2, including Summer Glau joining the show and more. @ericign from web

Ve3troCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Hands On Impressions #gaming gaming from twitterfeed

IGNcomJim Here: Second DLC Pack for Batman: Arkham Asylum Revealed from web

IGNcomJim Here: Netflix Wants to be on PS3, Wii Eventually from web

sportscardsNew Article Published:: Blowout Cards Weighs in on the Kanye West's Recent MTV Debacle from Twitter Tools

sportscardsNew Article Published:: Baseball Cards Are Art Too: The Met Houses Historic Collection from Twitter Tools

SI_24SevenThe Coffee Break Photo Gallery: Athletes Who Couldn't Stay Retired - from CoTweet

espnchicagoAre you a Facebook user & a fan of ESPN 1000 & Become a fan on Facebook! from web

IGNcomCheck out the celebrity talent making an appearance in NBA 2K10. from web

SportsCollectorA Guide to Autographed Baseballs: from API

IGNcomIGN picks some of the greatest Superman/Batman team-ups... and battles. from web

BLOWOUTCARDSRittenhouse Justice League of America Archives Presell information posted: from web

SI_24SevenBeautiful photo from the new Cowboy's stadium- Check out the entire gallery at from CoTweet is holding a giveaway for a retail copy of Halo 3: ODST, follow the link to enter: from web

SI_24SevenThe Coffee Break Photo Gallery: Sports Figures Who Have Gone Mad - from CoTweet

FCBsportscardsSports Card is ready for user content! Comon and give it a shot. from Facebook

IGNcomSpidey's classic villains are returning. IGN has first details and art for six days - from web

IGNcomTwitter Tuesday is back! Check in tomorrow for you chance to win EA's Need for Speed Shift.(US residents only 18+) from web

MarvelNew Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! promo So many memes, so little time! from web

IGNcomWrestling Wrap Up: We've got a new TNA Champion! Plus, Batista and Trish @Fowler_IGN from web

FCBsportscardsBaseball - Category 213 - know it, love it. Where does a Honus Wagner T206 go you might ask? Baseball - 213. What... from Facebook

USA_Network*NEW FEATURE!* Trudy Monk's murder is still a mystery. Read the Case File to see if you can figure out who did it. from HootSuite

IGNcomRT @Direct2Drive D2D Turns 5 week 3 is here! Awesome MMOs/RPGs for $5 EACH! NWN2, Assassin's Creed Director's Cut & more from web

AuctionByteseBay Tests New Feedback System in US and Germany (AuctionBytes News) from web

MarvelFree Mondays (9/21/09)! Read five free digital comics for the week of September 21 right now! from web

MarvelAnimation Exclusive: Super Hero Squad Abomination Concepts! Visit the SHS site, see exclusive character designs & more! from web

FCBsportscardsDana White and Rich Franklin Talk About UFC Trading Cards from Facebook

espnRenault avoids serious penalty in crash scandal - from API

SI_24SevenThe Coffee Break Photo Gallery: Best images from the Mayweather/Marquez fight - from CoTweet

BLOWOUTCARDSMystery 'Gollum' creature found in Panama. Nothing to do with cards but Just odd. from web

Ve3troGamersGate Announces Batman: Arkham Asylum Gift Promotion #gaming gaming from twitterfeed

SportsCollectorPhenoms Boosting Hockey Card Market: TV ratings may not raise eyebrows in the states, but the NHL card market is.. from twitterfeed

youtubeRed carpet footage from tonight's Emmys pouring in right now on @tvguide's YouTube channel: #emmys09 from

TheTradersArenaad: - Smart solution to promote products and services on Twitter! from API

FCBsportscardsUpper Deck Rewards Collector for Helping with Fake Griffey Buyback Autos from Facebook

CardInformantRich's Ramblings: Behind the Ramblings: from web

SI_24SevenPark president: No Payton statue at Soldier Field from twitterfeed


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