Friday, September 11, 2009

We Must Never Forget

Today is a day that we remember for the tragic events of that infamous morning just 8 short years ago. While the fight goes on abroad to insure our safety at home, there are thousands of people who will be reminded of the loved ones they lost that day. Reopening old wounds and shedding new tears, it's easy for us not directly affected by that day to forget. We can't. Please take a moment today to remember what we lost collectively as a nation and a prayer for all of those still grieving.

For the first time since World War II (work stoppage of '94 excluded), Major League Baseball, suspended the season for about a week, returning to play on September 17th. Topps commemorated the moment with base cards in Series 2 of the 2002 issue, titled United We Stand. Today our country stands more bitterly divided than ever but one thing binds us all, baseball. God Bless to all the true heroes from that day, those who defend our freedom and to all those who suffered the loss of loved ones. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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I second that...

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Well worded. Thank you for posting this.

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