Friday, September 4, 2009

Why Oregon Got It Right

For any of you who missed it, last night pitted Boise State against Oregon, both nationally ranked teams. Oregon lost a game dominated by Boise State, although the close score doesn't reflect that. Senior Running Back LeGarrette Blount sucker punched a Boise State player before starting a tirade where he then assaulted teammates, coaches, security proceeding an attempt to go after heckling fans.

Today, Blount was suspended by Oregon's Athletic Department for the season, effectively ending his college football career. In a day and age where athletes are often given a slap on the wrist for their on and off field crimes and transgressions, it was nice to see the university take a stand for what is right instead of spinning it to protect their own best interests.

Had that occurred in a venue outside of football, Blount would be facing multiple assault charges and that is why despite pundits who will say the punishment is excessive, he is getting exactly what he deserves.


Shaun said...

Its nice to know that someone in power is suck of all of the "thugs" in football today.

Anonymous said...

And Hout (the Boise State player) got what he deserved. Blount was walking off the field minding his own business, and Hout runs up, taps him own the shoulder and yells in his face, taunting him after a very emotional loss. Was the punch uncalled for ... I don't think so. Unfortunately, a suspension was inevitable for Blount. Hout should be suspended also. But I think watching himself get punched in the face on all the sports shows ... over and over ... should be humbling enough.

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