Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Your Early Thoughts on Tribute?

This is one of those products I REALLY want to be excited about but I have several conflicting issues going on from what I have seen thus far. First I am nervous about the pack price. I see this as a potential $35-$50 per pack item and don't know if Topps is going to be able to pull this off from a value standpoint. I know it is far too early to jump to conclusions but given their recent track record with high-end products it is an obvious thought that I am sure, is shared by other collectors as well. Secondly, is the potential for this turning into Triple Threads or Sterling "Light". I am still formulating in my own mind just exactly WHAT that means.

That being said, Topps Tribute Hall of Fame Edition was one of my favorite products and the inclusion of so many retired greats, legends, fan favorites, and Hall of Famers in this year's version makes me giddy.

Time will tell but what are your initial thoughts.


dayf said...

Out of my price range then, out of my price range now. I'll pick up a single on the cheap eventually.

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