Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2009 WWE Debuts to Critical Acclaim

A colleague of mine was responsible for almost single handily assembling the checklist for the new WWE trading card set. I am very proud of him and his work. I have yet to get my hands on a box but was delighted to see how well received it has been in the market-place to date. If I do get my hands on a box, it might be perceived as a conflict of interest for me to provide any sort of review or commentary, so what I'd like to do is a live box-break on UStream with a live chat, so YOU can do the review.

For now, I will instead refer you to (and believe me, it pains me to do so) Beckett's take on this long awaited new product.

Read their take here.

Product Description:
WWE 2009 takes a bold new direction by presenting Superstars and Divas in the designs, packaging and inserts of Topps' flagship Baseball Card brand. Each premium foil-stamped card back features text written by WWE announcer Jim Ross. In addition, a special subset features the thrilling highlights of Wrestlemania 25.

Pack-out configuration:
24 packs per box
Each pack contains 6 WWE 2009 cards plus 1 insert card.

Current SRP: $45-$45

Content Highlights:
WWE 2009 is jam-packed with multiple levels of super-collectible inserts:-
AUTOGRAPHS- Signed by the latest and greatest of the WWE.
EVENT WORN RELICS - Shirts ripped off the backs of top Superstars
LEGENDS OF THE RING (1/ pack) - 20 greats throughout WWE's history-
REIGN OF HONOR (1 in six packs) - Commemorating WWE Champions
TOPPSTOWN CODE CARD (1/pack) - Unlock virtual cards to collect and trade

Hobby Exclusives:
DUAL LEGACY AUTOGRAPHS- From WWE's growing family tree.
SIGNED MAT RELICS- From Judgment Day 2009
SKETCH CARDS- Hand drawn by WWE Superstars and Divas

See the image gallery, sell sheet, and complete checklist.


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