Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Favorite: Upper Deck Decade 1970's

When I returned to collecting, one of the products that immediately caught my attention was UD's Decade. With a retired only checklist filled with players from my youth and featuring an extremely colorful base design reminiscent of that psychedelic era, this was a product I broke in multiples in an attempt to complete the base set which I did. Along the way I also amassed a treasure trove or relic cards, enough to fill a 600 ct box, each stored in a snap tight. The key of those relic cards was an autographed jersey card of Louis Aparicio. Unfortunately he was pictured in a Red Sox uniform, so it didn't carry as much significance to me personally, like it would have it he was pictured in his White Sox uniform.

At one point, I had even given serious consideration to assembling the complete MASTER set. But as a never ending stream of new products clamored for my attention and Hobby budget, I abandoned the MASTER set plan. Over the last 2 years I have been in the process of streamlining and downsizing my collection for a myriad of reasons, most notably being a means of supplementing my income as a result of a significant decrease in advertising and marketing budgets by building supply manufacturers as a result of the housing crisis resulting in smaller commission checks.

Just yesterday I sold the last lot of relic cards from this set leaving me with just a few I will keep in my personal collection. It made me think back to the time where I was working on this set and what might have been if, as a new collector, I had not been inundated with one cool new product after another.

I'm keeping the base set, because this was the first set I finished on my return to The Hobby and holds a special place in my collection for several, non-monetary reasons.


night owl said...

Extremely cool set. One I hope to complete someday. Good for you.

Frank said...

Very cool. I love the 1970s!

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