Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Arrogance Knows No Bounds

Today posted on the Beckett Blog was this bit of arrogance.:

Miss one day of Beckett Media’s unparalleled online coverage of the sports collectibles industry and you miss a lot. In fact, here’s what you missed yesterday, Wednesday, Sept. 30.

World-Premiere Box Busters: 2009 Prestige Basketball
Strong to the Finnish: Upper Deck Hockey in Europe
Preview Gallery: 2009 Topps National Chicle Football
Kobe Gets Candid on Camera
Topps Upcoming National Chicle Set About the Artists, Too
Grey Flannel, Steiner Sports Team Up
The Mysterious Nick Swisher 2009 Bowman Card
First Look: 2010 Topps Baseball
Upper Deck is Bringing Exquisite Collection to Baseball in 2010
Preview Gallery: 2009 SP Authentic Baseball
Upper Deck Promises Free Baseball Cards if Chicago Lands 2016 Olympics
Panini Basketball Launch Includes Hobby Shop Party Packs
First Look: 2009 National Treasures Football
First Look: Kobe’s Prestige Autographs
Box Busters: 2009 Bowman Sterling Football

The thing is, that thanks to Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, Meesage Boards and the blogsphere, ALL of this was covered in the last 24hrs by sources other than Beckett Sucks, proving once again how truly irrelavant they have become.


Sooz said...

By saying they're irrelevant, you're pretty much saying every news outlet is also irrelevant in the same way.

Because it's not relevant to you doesn't mean the same for every person out there.

Some people want to go to one place get their information without going to multiple websites.

I'm indifferent toward Beckett, but you don't really make your case here. You say with Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and such that everyone gets the same information. But why would someone want to jump on all these different services just to find the same information they could find on one site?

Consider their post an advertisement for their own site. I don't see the arrogance in promoting their own product.

Anonymous said...

I am forced to agree with Sooz, unfortunately.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

I thought about that as well, the whole single source resource thing, but in all actuality, for the most part all they did was aggregate a bunch of content that was disseminated elsewhere. Card Corner Club, myself, Wax Heaven, Sports Collectors daily and others delivered about 95% of that same content.

You and I saw the same things they did from Panini, Steiner and Topps on Twitter, and UD on Facebook, etc so this idea of "hey look at us, you can't get this info anywhere else" attitude is garbage.

The whole #1 Authority and unparalled . . . rhetoric is just total BS in my opinion.

Also in going to that "one place" a person is unduly influenced by an editorial staff that thinks every product is great, never does any reporting on things that could be improved in the hobby, and instead has used their influence not for the good of the collector but for their bottom line.

I too, like you work in publishing media, and I know it's about profit, but when that becomes the end all be all at the sake of benefiting the audience you serve by delivering BIASED information, in my opinion, you lose the right to call yourself the #1 of anything.

Random Leather said...

@VOTC The question is not, who covered what. The question is where did people go to get the news.

Shaun said...

If this info came from the "Beckett Blog", wouldn't it be part of the blogosphere???

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